genealogy of the Cowans and the Macaulays
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Macgregor, Queensland, Australia



Location : Latitude: -27.5615863, Longitude: 153.068683


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Sydney Augustus Bax  6 Feb 1960Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I1308
2 BENNETT, Christina  9 Nov 1925Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190584507
3 BURTON, Charles Henry Rudolph  7 Jun 1985Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I1977
4 CHARLES, Thomas Denis Donovan  10 Sep 1955Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585465
5 CROPPER, William Thomas Powell  3 Apr 1990MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585721
6 DANIELS, Gertrude Mabel Flossie  13 Aug 1990MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581774
7 DOYLE, Elizabeth Mary  16 Oct 1987Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585600
8 EVANS, Esmond  Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190587175
9 FIEN, Frederick Norman  21 Jun 1966MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190584709
10 FITCH, Sylvia Alice Pearl  30 Nov 1983Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I1159
11 GOODHEW, George William  7 Nov 1938MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585151
12 GOODHEW, Thomas Edward Donald  30 May 1966MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581911
13 HANNAN, Ester  8 Oct 1991Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I1978
14 JAKES, Malcolm Clifford  14 Dec 1953Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I2489
15 JOHNSON, Aaron James Arthur  4 Jan 1974Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581295
16 JOHNSON, Leonard  25 Feb 1927Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I1133
17 KEATINGE, Bernard James  24 Mar 2005MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190586115
18 LAWRENCE, Christina Bennett  8 Oct 1958MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190583343
19 LAWRENCE, Ivy Jane  13 Mar 1943Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581319
20 LAWRENCE, John Anthony  22 Nov 1945MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190583353
21 LAWRENCE, John William  4 Mar 1972MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581306
22 LAWRENCE, Mary Elizabeth  11 Jul 1949Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581318
23 LAWRENCE, Roseina Eliza  14 Apr 1923MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190583355
24 LAWRENCE, Sarah Catherine  30 Sep 1941MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190583356
25 MILLER, Olwen Eleanor  11 Nov 1974Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I2047
26 MOFFATT, Stanley Harold Norman  18 Jan 1984Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581186
27 MOFFATT, Victor Campbell Frederick  4 Feb 1974Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581183
28 PEDERSEN, Allen Gordon  30 Oct 1953Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581307
29 PEDERSEN, Charles David Hans  11 Jan 1957MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581303
30 PEDERSEN, Charles John  19 Jul 1984Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581309
31 PEDERSEN, Muriel Thelma  30 Jan 2004MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581304
32 ROBERTS, Frances Mary Edna  16 Sep 1985Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585112
33 ROBERTS, Violet Ivy May  23 Apr 1979Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585114
34 SPIRES, Barry Anthony  18 Mar 1997Macgregor, Queensland, Australia I2240
35 SPIRES, Harold  21 10 1997Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585113
36 TRANBERG, Irene Gladys  14 Apr 1975MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190585715
37 WHILLANS, Elizabeth  27 Jul 1954Macgregor, Queensland, Australia P1190583345
38 WOODLEY, Pearl Edna  09 Aug 1989MacGregor, Queensland, Australia P1190581627